William reviewed The Resurrected King

Full length and Fantastic February 3, 2020 I’ve read all of KJ Holliday’s works so when I saw she had a full length novel out, I just HAD to have it. Just like the rest of her works, this one does not disappoint. This is more well written than many published books I’ve paid a whole lot more for. It’s a steal with the Amazon pricing and I couldn’t recommend it enough. Go read! You’ll thank me later.

Cat reviewed I See Fire

Here there be dragons January 22, 2020 Am I a sucker for forbidden romance? Yes. Am I sucker for high fantasy? Double yes. Am I an even bigger sucker for characters feeling & acquiring freedom within one another? Absolutely yes. & this story has all three.

I See Fire may expertly transport you to another time and place but stays emotionally grounded in the struggles, triumphs, and happinesses (of all kinds) throughout! You won’t want to miss out.

Courtney reviewed The Resurrected King

Amazing! January 15, 2020 Unbelievably well researched and Super hot!!!
I’m not going to lie, came for the sex, stayed for the knowledge of Ancient Egyptian Culture. An engaging read from beginning to end. I couldn’t put it down and will legit be rereading it over again

Kat Writ reviewed The Resurrected King

Thrilling from start to finish–A MUST READ! October 9, 2019 The Resurrected King had me hooked from the start! From the beginning, I was drawn to Fitzwilliam and Betty’s mutual passion for ancient Egyptian lore. The development of their relationship through the plot truly adds to the story in a way that both makes sense and is supremely satisfying. The author writes with such passion, I could read this novel as a way to immerse myself in another world the way I’ve been longing to for a very long time. What an exquisite work from an incredibly talented soul. I literally could not put this down once I began reading!

Amber reviewed Bad Boy (Good Girl/Bad Boy)

The perfect sequel September 16, 2019 Good Girl is one of my favorite stories…..until Bad Boy. The emotion and depth in this short story is everything. It’s sexy, seductive and does a wonderful job of getting you in the feels. I’ve read it over and over and won’t be stopping anytime soon

j. neal reviewed I See Fire

Amazing read July 2, 2019 Beautifully written to capture your imagination. A sexy forbidden romance full of desire. Can’t wait to read more from this author

Cat reviewed Bad Boy (Good Girl/Bad Boy)

It’s true what they say… June 24, 2019 …If you want it to be good girl, get yourself a bad boy. (Thanks Backstreet Boys.)

The sequel to Good Girl continues to not only deliver on all fronts, but it succeeds in expanding upon the most loved things in its predecessor. We’re treated to a Mia & Jimmy a year into their relationship – emotionally & sexually –
and absolutely everything that entails. Getting to see how these two people have wound their lives so completely around one another during that time is everything you want it to be from when we leave them in Good Girl. Emotions are high (both for us, the readers, and the main characters), & you’ll find yourself completely engaged at every moment. (You might also need a fan on hand to cool yourself, just sayin.)

Just as Mia is “absolutely, completely, one hundred happy with her life” when we meet her again, so too will every single person who reads Bad Boy.

Daphne Santos-Vieira reviewed The Resurrected King

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Sink your teeth into this gem! I’ve now read quite a few of KJ Holliday’s stories and this novel shows such an incredible maturity to her writing. If you thought her short stories were good, this will prove that she excels in the longer genre as well. I read the description and thought it would be an interesting read, but it does not do justice to what she actually delivers with this book. The characters are wonderful and you just want to keep reading their story because the writing is that good and the story that compelling.

Anna reviewed Good Girl

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Exquisite and Satisfying: Like a bonfire, this story licks heat along your skin and blazes in parts. It isn’t just the sex—it’s emotionally gratifying, drawing you to the main characters and their motivations. Mia is compassionate and success driven—so much her own person. James carries the weight and responsibility of a Gang Leader who cares about his people, but when Mia lets him, he gives her what she wants. This sexy story is addictive and leaves you wanting more, and because of that, I’m getting the rest of this series.

HLM reviewed Good Girl

This “Good Girl” trades in her vanilla life for something darker and more exciting! Reviewed in the United States on May 10, 2019Format: Kindle Edition KJ Holliday is one of my very favorite authors! Her attention to detail is exquisite. She creates these beautiful, intentional alternate realities that allow me to escape the chaos of my own life for a bit. I constantly revisit her writing to reread and enjoy it over and over again! “Good Girl” is a story that follows that perfect, ‘good girl’ next door, who is loyal and pure and just, but also feels the pull towards something darker and more exciting than her mostly vanilla life. The ‘bad boy’ across town helps her find new thrills that she didn’t even know were possible. Read this. You won’t be disappointed.

Daphne Santos-Vieira reviewed Requiem

A unique premise masterfully written Reviewed in Canada on January 20, 2020Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase When I first read the description of this short story, I was immediately intrigued. But it’s only when I dug into the book, that I truly realized how amazing it was going to be. Because KJ Holliday’s writing style is just that good and takes something interesting and makes it into something unique and powerful. I already can’t wait to reread it because I know it’ll probably be even better when I’ll read it with more time (and not just devour it like I did the first time around)!

William reviewed I See Fire

Such a great read February 3, 2020 If you like high fantasy, don’t pass this one up. It’s original and compelling from the first page to the last.